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From the Managing Director's Desk

Competition is what allures us. In fact, it is the haven in which we thrive in. That is the reason why ours is a very quality conscious organization. Our products represent the iconic status of quality. The entire manufacturing unit is of international standards. "State-of-the-art machines" [OLMAS, ITIB] sourced from "best of the bunch" manufactures, are installed at our unit. At every step of production, samples are subjected to a series of online laboratory testings, which ensures that the produce conform to standards pertaining to global markets. This is followed by a series of other tests to establish the eligibility of the
"finished product" for its application criteria and thereby its commercial viability. Here too, the tests conforms to various standards set By a list of Quality Assessing Agencies.

Finally, after Q.C. the products are appropriately packed, labeled & dispatched to our esteemed clients - national and international destinations. The are repeatedly procuring our products on a regular basis, which stands testimony to their satisfaction with our products and services. Also, I take pride in mentioning that our organization is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company (TUV Certification by RWTUV systems GmbH -Reg. No. 0410020965). Once again pledging to provide quality service & products at all times.

Product Range and Its Application

Automobile Industry

Wiring harnesses, fuel injection pipes and pneumatic lines in any automobile is vulnerable to mechanical & thermal damages, climatic interference and deposits of wind, dust, oil or water. To protect these important conducting lines, poly propylene (PP) based Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes are used as envelops. Manufactured in both slitted and nonslitted varieties (size: 4.5 mm ID to 42 mm ID), the product conforms to stringent quality levels required for global standards. Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes are extremely flexible with a non-wire skeleton making it even more twistable. Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes offers resistance to corrosion by most of the mineral oils, acids, and alkalis.

Added to this, FRPP based Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes has the ability to withstand extreme temperature conditions (varying form -20oC to 140oC) and it is light in weight. FRPP based Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipe is successfully tested and approved by  FTS, as per UL 94 V-2 specification, for being Flame Retardant.

That is, it has the quality to retard the propagation of fire, and self extinguishes itself when ignited. It also does not crack, when subjected to sub-zero temperatures. This comes of use in the automobile industry during various stages of production, which involves welding and other mechanical activities. Manufactured using Prime grade international FR compound, FRPP based Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipe envelop, prevents the sparks arising during thermal treatment, from damaging the conducting lines of the automobile. Further, it also eliminates the mechanical damages, during production.

Construction Industry

As Sunrise corrugated pipes are extremely flexible with a non-wire skeleton, and offers resistance to corrosion from most of the mineral oils, acids, and alkalis, it is the "electrical circuit- conduit-pipe" preferred by many well known construction companies. FRPP based Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes also retards fire and does not crack when subjected to sub-zero temperatures or when subjected to extreme physical pressure. Added to this, Sunrise corrugated pipe is light in weight and is thereby easy to be transported to far flung destinations.

Domestic Applications

Made to strict specifications, Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes are exported, as envelops for L.P.G. Gas conducting pipes, to international destinations. Leading washing machine (for outlet pipe) and vacuum cleaner (for conducting pipe) manufacturers procure Poly propylene (PP) based Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes for its flexibility and adaptability.

Industrial Applications

Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes is used as conduit for glass fibre, electrical and computer cables. It is also used in drip irrigation and as irrigation hoses for plantations, fields and green houses. Furthermore, Sunrise corrugated flexible hose pipes are also used in medical equipments.


There is a "generation" of advantages in using Corrugated Pipes. Compared to pipes made of conventional materials like metal, ceramic, concrete, smooth plastic wall pipes, etc. Sunrise Corrugated flexible hose pipes are..

1. Highly impact resistant
2. Best for continuous long term operations
3. High ring & bending qualities - Flexible strength
4. Easy handling
5. Highly versatile - adjusts easily to specific areas of application
6. Thermal resistance
7. Chemical resistance.

Material Range

FRPP, PP, PVC, EVA, NYLON based products having sizes between 5mm ID to 42mm ID. All of these can be produced with a range of impact modifiers and colour additives.

Sunrise Corrugated flexible hose pipes is Satisfactorily tested and approved for:

1. Tensile strength and elongation
2. Impact resistance test
3. Kerosene (mineral oil) resistance test
4. Physical deformation test after heating
5. Compression load resistance test
6. Dimension test
7. Electrical and insulation test
8. Fire Retardant test.